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Take your mom shopping

Written by  Phuket Sweet Travel
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Mother's Day is in August, so in this month's issue we would like to ecourage all readers to take their mothers out shopping. By doing so, you can spend quality time with your mother as well as have a fun day with her.

If you get the chance to visit Phuket with your family, don't miss out on the chance to take your mother shopping at Jung Ceylon Shopping Mall. This mall is a very large one indeed and is located on Patong Beach, and is also near many other tourist attractions as well, such as Soi Bangla. Th interior of the mall is designed with Chino-Portuguese architectural styles, making it a unique place in Phuket.

On the ground floor of the mall, there is a large barque ship from older generations on show, and it is the main symbol of Jung Ceylon Shopping Mall. Both Thai and foreign tourists choose this very spot to take pictures with the ship to bring home. So don't forget to bring your mother to Jung Ceylon Shopping Mall if you come to Phuket!

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