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POR TOR Phuket Tradition

Written by  Phuket Sweet Travel
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POR TOR is a tradition of Thai-Chinese in Phuket Thailand with long succession. And to provide a ceremony during the 7th or 9th month of Thai Calendar. POR TOR is the Chinese language (in Phuket) or Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. "The Por Tor" is a sacred spiritual appease, offerings to ancestors with the sacrificial one called "red turtle" also known in the Chinese language call "Ang goo" the bread made up of wheat flour and paint with red color. The Chinese believe that Turtles are animal of longevity so they use it to renew themselves for make them have a long life and considered a great merit too.

These POR TOR is a tradition for Thai-Chinese in Phuket to behave for a long time that are not found in other provinces. The highlights of this festival is they will close major roads in downtown Phuket to show the goods, pay respect to the Buddha and the merit of a shrine (call armm in chinese) with red turtles bread also have foods to eat and show from various organizations and schools in Phuket.

If you want to touch it. The tradition is old and has a scent of the Phuket. Do not forget to come and make merit with us with your loved ones at Phuket the Land of enchantment from Thai-Chinese traditional culture.


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