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History of Loy Krathong festival

Written by  Phuket Sweet Travel
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November is coming again. In this month, It has another great tradition that is a Loy Krathong festival (or Loi Krathong festival) which has been held every year in Thailand also in Phuket. The festival was organized to carry on the tradition and promoting tourism in Phuket. The main activity in the Loy Krathong day is float Krathong in the river or on the waterfront. There are also many other fun activities. In addition to enjoy activities, we should know the origin and purpose for Loy Krathong Festival before.


Thailand's Loy Krathong Day falls on the twelfth lunar month, according to the lunar calendar, usually in November or December of each year. It has the full moon and the high tide during the night. The light from the full moon cause atmosphere look very beautiful suite for floating krathong in the river. It was believed that Loy Krathong tradition establish since Sukhothai period called Jong Priang (Brahman rite). Nang Noppamas invent krathong which has a lotus shape to give to Phra Ruang (Sukhothai King) for floating on water used to worship the foot-print of the Buddha at Nammathanati River. It has inherited that tradition until today.


The purpose of Loy krathong tradition other than to worship the Buddha still have other belief such as to ask for forgiveness Phra Mae Khongkha because we have brought the river water use in consumer and production including the disposal of such waste into the river. In present, also belief that floating krathong along the river eliminate sorrow and disease to floating with the water. So many people cut the nails and hair including put coins into krathong and let it floating with the water.


Apart from bringing krathong to float along the river, in the Loy Krathong day is often has Noppamas beauty pageants contest and various enjoyable activities. The tourists who are interested in joining the Loy Krathong festival day will receive a fun and impressive atmosphere so you may ask your lover, family or friends to participate in the annual Loy Krathong Festival. However, not to forget the original purpose of this beauty Thai culture and You should floating krathong that made from natural materials like banana leaves or banana stalk with incense, candles and flowers in order to maintain the beauty of Thai culture forever.



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