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Simple way to Fulfil your love and relieve hot weather

Written by  Phuket Sweet Travel
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Hot weather may make you and your loved ones feel uncomfortable and moody. What should you do? We have a simple way to cool off for you and your lover to use in the summer. That will make you and lover sweet in love not be gloomy from very hot air that will make your love so boring.

1. Cool off by invite your lover to eat something cold such as ice cream, desserts with ice, shaved ice, fruit juice or soft drink. But eat it with carefully, because if you eat too much not only cool off but also make you become obese.
2. Cool way. Using fruit as an alternative. You may bring your loved one's favorite fruit such as strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, berries, apple, orange put in the refrigerator to chill before to give to your sweetheart. This way not make your lover fat.
3. Invite your lover to listening music or watching movie on holiday and if have much money go shopping is one that many girls like, if you want to appease your girlfriend.
4. To swim in the shade. Refreshing you and your loved ones. It can exercise your body in the sametime. It is an activity that make you and your lover to enjoy both physically and mentally.

 5. If you and lover do not want to go anywhere. Lay down in the room with air conditioner while watching TV, reading, listening to music or find a hobby at home. This will spend more money on electric but relax at home is a truly private.

 6. Another method to relieve heat stress for both you and your loved one is soak your feet with cold water and cold mask in the face. Invite to look after your lover skin in the hot weather season.
 7. Going to the nearby beach or a waterfall enough to pick up moisture from the sea or a waterfall. The cool special from nature is the most refreshing.

Try to adapt an easy way to cool off ensuring that moist will replace warm and absolutely make your love being sweet resist a hot wind.

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